Watching this video, I couldn’t figure out whether someone simply wanted to make an informational video about the restaurant, or if the video has a greater purpose. It’s obviously promotional for Tillman’s Roadhouse, giving executive chef Dan Lansberg plenty of time to talk about his "gourmet chuckwagon" philosophy and culinary approach, and it also spends quite a bit of time interviewing kitchen staff, who have no end of glowing things to say about the way the kitchen runs and how much they admire Lansberg.

It almost made me wonder if the video is some sort of audition for a Food Network show (though restaurant reality TV shows usually prefer drama over harmony). This is one of creator altumiv‘s only two YouTube videos; the other is a short film about a girl praying for her dying friend, so that didn’t provide many clues.

I personally would rather watch the video of Tillman’s weekend table-dancing waiter, Tito, but to get an inside view of the Bishop Arts restaurant’s kitchen, you can find the video after the jump: