At the same time that Oak Cliff Coffee Roasters owner Shannon Neffendorf is starting a voter card campaign, allowing fans of his product to "vote" for a neighborhood establishment to carry Oak Cliff Coffee by leaving a business card suggesting as much, new Bishop Arts coffee shop Espumoso has decided to stop carrying the product.

Owner Tony Fernandez says taking Oak Cliff Coffee off of his shelves is a business decision. Another roaster that Fernandez works with (he also carries Pilao coffee out of Brazil and Coffee Buendia from Columbia) agreed to provide all of the equipment and setup along with the coffee beans, and with all of the expenses of starting a new business, it’s not viable for Espumoso to carry Oak Cliff Coffee, too, he says. Fernandez says he will serve and sell the remaining supply of Oak Cliff Coffee he has in stock, which he expects to run out by the end of this week.