Yes, Kavala is still open, and thank goodness. The food is consistently good. Earlier this year, the Mediterranean restaurant in a former Dairy Queen on Davis resumed its lunch schedule, and added a few daily specials to entice customers.

For lunch yesterday, the people at my table ordered the mixed greens "Greek style" with gyro meat, the moussaka, and the pizza bianca (ricotta, goat cheese, white truffle oil and wild mushrooms). The pizza was piping hot from the oven and big enough to share between two people — a good deal for $14. And if you dine at Kavala on Wednesdays, pizzas are half-price until 7 p.m., so two people (or one very hungry person) could eat for $7. That’s hard to beat.

The other two dishes were around $10, and the plates were pretty bare by the time we finished. No complaints on the food itself. It did take a little while to be delivered, which can be problematic for people trying to have a quick in-and-out lunch, but I chalked up the delay to freshly-made dishes, and to me, that’s worth waiting for.