Which is actually good news, considering how bad the budget mess is. How many of us thought we’d have to lay off zoo animals to make ends meet? Still, that’s the closest the city staff projection has come in the first seven months of the fiscal year (save for the one month when the total exceeded projections). The handy clip and save sales tax chart is here.

For the year, we’re 9.8 percent behind the budget, or almost the equivalent of one month of sales tax revenue. The sales tax accounts for abut 20 percent of the city budget; most of the rest comes from property tax receipts. I’m going to post about property tax revenue next week, including some fun facts I’m willing to bet most of the council doesn’t even know.

You can check out the numbers from the state comptroller’s office. The months listed on the comptroller web site are, for accounting purposes, two months ahead. That means the June figure on the site is for April, the May figure is for March, and so forth.