I’m sure you are now familiar with the recent news that Dallas is no longer the No. 1 most crime-infused city in the United States (that honor now belongs to our neighbor to the south, San Antonio). In response to that, I decided to do a little investigating into the crime rates in our neighborhood.

Part of the reason why Oak Cliff gets such a bad rap is because of how large the area is. Oak Cliff is at least three times as big as most other Dallas neighborhoods, thus providing a larger area to account for crimes. I decided to compare Oak Cliff crimes from the past two months to the prestigious M-Streets and Preston Hollow neighborhoods, just to see how the crime rates compare.

I used crimespot.com to pinpoint what crimes were happening and in which parts of town. I was surprised to find that Preston Hollow had only 32 fewer crimes than Oak Cliff within the past two months (Preston Hollow had 268, and Oak Cliff had 300). If we were to take a chunk out of Oak Cliff the size of Preston Hollow, there would be no way the crimes would total 282.  The M-Streets, which is about 1/8 the size of Oak Cliff, recorded 182 crimes, which were mostly robberies and burglaries.Ladies and gentlemen of Oak Cliff, it seems like you’re not so dangerous, after all.