Leppert, council walk in lockstep 93 percent of the time

How often do you agree with someone 94.5 percent of the time?

That’s how often neighborhood councilman Dave Neumann voted with Mayor Tom Leppert on roll-call votes at City Hall during the past two years, according to an interesting story by the DMN (click here for the story and the voting chart for the entire council). Neumann led the council in supporting Leppert — he actually voted with Leppert more the council as a whole, which supported Leppert about 93 percent of the time. Elba Garcia voted with Leppert 79.2 percent of the time, and Steve Salazar supported the mayor’s position 69.4 percent of the time. Bringing up the rear in terms of supporting Leppert, not surprisingly, is Angela Hunt, who voted with the mayor 38.5 percent of the time.

What does it mean?

First, Leppert’s a persuasive guy who seems to be adept at targeting certain people to help him keep the ball rolling. Second, most of us must be pretty satisfied with the way things are going in Dallas, because no incumbents lost their re-election campaigns this political season. Or perhaps, as Jeff Siegel points out in this commentary, maybe most of us just don’t care.

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