Andrew Bayer of House of Dang told me that he and business partner Doug Voisin are "really excited" about their move to 411 N. Tyler next month. The clothing designers are ditching their East Dallas digs and ducking out of the retail business to concentrate on their clothing line, which also is called House of Dang. "It was just time to move," Bayer said. "We’re kind of tired of doing vintage, and we just want to focus on our line."

The old House of Dang was part antique mall, part Dolly Python and part couture boutique. Their new business, which is a partnership with Oak Cliff-based accessories designer Tara Tonini, is called Studio 411. The studio won’t have retail space, but it will have a showroom for shopping by appointment. And it’s big enough that Bayer and Voisin can still throw their legendary parties and movie nights. By the way, they are having a party July 24 at the East Dallas store. It’s a going away party for House of Dang and its next-door neighbor, And/Or Gallery. That gallery’s owner, Paul Slocum, is moving to New York City.