Traveling Man sculpture is on site of Bonnie and Clyde tour stop

I am no art critic, but I think DART’s Traveling Man sculpture in Deep Ellum is pretty cool. I talked to someone today who’s a little irked by it, though: Ken Holmes, who gives tours of Bonnie and Clyde historical sites in Dallas. Holmes says DART tore down an old glass company building, where Clyde Barrow once worked, to build the sculpture. "It was one of the better jobs that he had," Holmes said.

The statue makes his tour a little shorter, but I don’t suppose you can preserve a building because a notorious criminal once worked there. "I knew it would be gone eventually," Holmes said. "It was an old building."

By the way, did you know that there is a new Bonnie and Clyde movie in the works? Texas native and Disney star Hillary Duff is slated to play Bonnie Parker.

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  • Five or so years ago, I worked for DART when they were planning the rail alignment through Deep Ellum. It broke my heart that the building had to be destroyed, but it was either that one or another historical building.

    What’s worse was the filling in of the tunnel. I think that had more historical significance than any building that might’ve been torn down.

    However, progress hurts sometimes, and I’m delighted that Deep Ellum / Baylor is going to be served by rail.

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