Abel Gonzales, best-known for creating Deep-Fried Coke a few years ago, and the always-a-bridesmaid, never-a-bride team at Fernie’s won top honors at this year’s Big Tex Choice Awards for new foods at the upcoming State Fair of Texas.

Perennial winner Gonzales’ Deep-Fried Butter was judged "most creative" while Fernie’s finally won with Deep-Fried Peaches and Cream won "best tasting", edging out six other finalists for the top awards. All of the finalists, along with 41 other entries in this year’s contest, will be available at this year’s Fair from Sept. 25-Oct. 18; you can read a summary of each by clicking here. And once you arrive at the Fair, check out the Visitors Guide we produce (it’s distributed free on-site at the Fair) for locations and photos of each entry, too.

If you can’t wait until the Fair starts to take a look at the winners, click here for a slideshow of each entrant. I had a chance to try the Fried Peaches, and although it doesn’t sound appetizing, it’s really tasty. Same for the Deep-Fried Pecan Pie and the Green Goblin.