Restaurant talk: Pollo Fiesta

The menu at Pollo Fiesta on Hampton near Clarendon includes enchiladas, quesadillas and other Tex-Mex standards. But grilled chicken is the main attraction. We ordred a four-piece meal with two sides and a sugary jamaica drink, which is a tea brewed from hibiscus flowers. It was a little under $13, and it took about three minutes for them to fetch our order. The cook whacked up half a chicken he grabbed from the grill, and the server scooped up our rice and beans.

The chicken had a subtle, spicy flavor, and my friend gave it one of his highest compliments: "good salt." But it was a little dry. The charro beans weren’t the best I’ve ever had, but I cannot complain about a bean. I liked them. The spanish rice was cooked just right — not sticky or clumpy and with just enough moisture that it holds together slightly. Our corn tortillas were fluffy and seemed homemade. The jamaica was very sugary, but I like it that way. Overall, it was fast, good and a lot of food for the price.

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