Friday productivity killer: David Lynch’s “Interview Project”

One thing we nerds learn in journalism school is that everyone has a story. Legendary University of Missouri journalism professor G. Thomas Duffy famously made his students flip to a random page in the Columbia, Mo. phonebook and write a feature story about the first person whose name they saw. That kind of stuff, for community journalists like us, is great fun.

So we hope you’ll indulge us today as we introduce David Lynch’s “Interview Project.” Lynch has been making weird, dream-inspired films since the 70s and is most famous for his 90s TV series, “Twin Peaks.” For “Interview Project,” he sent a film crew on a cross-country road trip to interview people about their lives — same idea as Duffy’s phonebook assigment. Lynch releases a new video every three days, and so far has released 49. My favorite is “Clinton.”

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