About that ceiling fan you took?

Note to whomever picked the old ceiling fan up from in front of my house yesterday, a couple of hours before the city truck stopped by for its monthly bulk pickup. Be careful. There’s a short — or worse — in the fan, and the reason it was on the curb is that it caught fire and started smoking up the dining room. And the lights have not worked for a year or so.

I don’t know whether it”s the recession or that my neighborhood has suddenly started throwing away better junk, but two pickup trucks were cruising the area yesterday, looking for places to stop to pick through the trash. I’ve been here about eight years, and I don’t remember that much organized effort. I thought they stuck to higher-end neighborhoods.

And, a reminder: Don’t expect to use any non-emergency city services tomorrow or Friday. City employees are on non-paid furlough, courtesy of the budget crisis.

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  • Jeff – Be glad they load it up and drive away. Our neighbor roots through ours and stacks stuff he wants on the side of his house so we can see it for another year or two…

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