Advocate Radio: Frozen yogurt shops take off

Advocate staffers stop at nothing when it comes to making your visit to Back Talk more informative, interesting and/or fun. To this end, we now bring you a regular Monday-morning podcast. In it, Advocate editors will chat about trends and curiosities we notice in the neighborhoods we cover. This inaugural episode of “What’s Up With That?” explores the frozen yogurt shop phenomenon — LISTEN HERE.

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  1. Bocephus November 9, 2009 at 10:10 PM

    OMG, you chose yogurt shops as your inaugural subject to blog? Yogurt is not trendy, it’s not hip. Yogurt is commercialization. It is another product whose value to our overall well-being is non-existent. Being on the “official national yogurt map” is not a distinction. Thank God for Stone’s somber, sensible input on the subject; she put it in perspective by saying its a once or twice a month thing and not a part of everyday life in Oak Cliff. We have a multi-cultural community with residents struggling to make do during these difficult times. Let’s give them a voice, find ways to ease their burden by making their streets safer for their children, neighborhoods clean and businesses more interested in being a friend to the community. Listen to the discussion, I was reminded of an old Tower of Power song, “What is Hip?” The refrain goes something like this, “tell me, tell me if you thing you know. If you’re really hip the passing years will show…” I hope yogurt shops aren’t our legacy.

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