Advocate radio: rudeness on our roads

Fair warning: when you hit play on this week’s “What’s Up With That?” podcast, you’ll be treated to a silly and potentially loud theme song, which we are trying out after hearing it on Saturday night Live and deciding there was no ditty more apropos for our weekly show.

Now, to the subject matter — this week’s discussion, about five minutes long, revolves around traffic in and near our neighborhood. We talk about why Dallas is known as the second rudest driving city, and we get perspective from a special guest who gets around by bicycle. LISTEN HERE.

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  1. reader December 3, 2009 at 10:10 PM

    That’s a negative attitude for a publication using the word advocate in its name. What’s up with that?

    From my experience and from my family, friends, neighbors and co-workers’ experience Dallas is far from the second rudest driving city. While you are thinking, talking, and comparing yourselves to others we are experiencing a good life, riding our bikes and working on making things better for all of us. We’re advocating. We’re hopeful like Turk.

    What’s up with your attitude and destructive actions?

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