Traditionally, Dec. 31 is the last day for holiday lights, which means only a couple more days that drivers heading north on I-35 at night will be able to view the can’t-miss Noel lights in the windows of the 15-story Bank of America tower. On the other side, drivers heading south can view the star of David, a first for the bank building, says property manager Ralph Isenberg. It took three months to set up the fluorescent lights to create the star, Isenberg adds.

Isenberg also happens to be the reigning champion in East Kessler for his Christmas light show — "pretty good for a Jewish boy," he quips. This year his theme is peace on earth, and it’s his third time in the last five years to boast of a holiday lights win. To see Isenberg’s display, head to 1411 Haines, just behind Methodist Dallas Medical Center, and make sure to check out the other two winners‘ homes while you still can.