For months, I had been waiting for a reason to eat breakfast at Smoke. I’ve obsessed over a pdf of the menu: Drop biscuits with spicy sausage gravy? Yes! Smoked ham steak and egg fritter? YES! Pancakes with house-made ricotta cheese? Yesssss!

Finally, finally, someone came to visit from out of town, giving us the perfect excuse to eat a fattening breakfast on a weekday. Visions of bacon danced in my head.

But my food fantasy fell apart once I got the menu. Smoke still has the full breakfast menu on Saturday and Sunday, but the weekday menu is more sensible. I guess nobody’s coming in to order andouille hot links and goat cheese potato pancakes on Tuesday mornings. Not that you shouldn’t go on a weekday morning. We found plenty of yummy stuff.

Baked cheese grits and hominy casserole is served in a mini baking dish with bits of smoked ham, whole hominy, green chiles and cheddar, perfectly seasoned. The granola/yogurt parfait comes with a bruleed banana half and Kentucky sorghum molasses. I ordered the bagel with smoked salmon, which came with Smoke’s homemade pickled onions and herbed goat cheese. It wasn’t a rasher of thick-cut smokehouse bacon, but it was a treat. Our breakfast tab for four people was about $30. Smoke does a really good job of offering quality food at affordable prices. I can’t wait ’til Sunday.