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Once upon a time, you could only read Advocate when it showed up on your doorstep. Today you can satisfy your constant Advocate craving (you have one, admit it) daily by ‘friending’ us and ‘following’ us. Yup, incase you hadn’t noticed, we too have jumped on the social media bandwagon. I learned today that this makes us part of the ‘socialnomics’ trend. You can learn what that is after the jump. Oh, and there is an etiquette to this whole social media thing. If you need a crash course, here’s how to not suck at Facebook, and things you need to stop tweeting about right now.

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  1. Mary Y February 26, 2010 at 10:10 PM

    Thanks, Marlena, for the “How to Not Suck at Facebook” feature. I think I passed because I don’t do any of the Farmville, Fishtank, or other such things. In fact, they’re all hidden from my Facebook page. I may have missed it, but I also hate the people who keep us guessing; such as, “I’m so excited for tonight,” or “I have butterflies in my tummy,” or “I wonder what happened?” Sometimes I just have to call those suckers out.

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