As dive bars go, Tradewinds Social Club puts all others to shame. Among the highlights: weird lighting, 25-year-old TVs and the furniture from your step dad’s garage. It makes Lee Harvey’s seem chic. But we like it that way.

We went Wednesday night for the screening of a kitschy movie: "Reform School Girls", which we are pretty sure won the Academy Award for keeping it classy. But we also were there for the special: a pizza and two beers for $10. How bad could it be? It’s pizza. And, as I always contend, there is no bad pizza.

This is a rectangular pizza that is just right for two people. The dough is rolled out and formed by hand, but it isn’t homemade. It doesn’t taste like Pillsbury, and we’re not sure where it comes from. But it’s not bad. Better, certainly, than the $5 fast-food pizzas. It’s of medium thickness with not-too-much sauce and just enough cheese to cover it. Extra toppings are 75 cents, and we ordered half pepperoni, which was too greasy. We’re sticking with cheese only next time.