This Valentine’s Day, you can live local in Oak Cliff and still have a choice of chocolatiers. Two new specialty chocolate shops opened in Oak Cliff last year, and other than that, they’re nothing alike.

Dude, Sweet Chocolate, on Eighth Street near Bishop, is the avant garde one. Chocolatier Katherine Clapner makes dozens of chocolates with unusual flavor combinations, including dried pear, basil and rosemary salt, and roasted beat and olive oil. There are also combinations like honey and lavender.

Clapner also sells hot chocolate and homemade marshmallows, tea truffles and chocolate bars. Dude, Sweet Chocolate packages everything with simplicity in brown cardboard. Special Valintines Day chocolates have a big kiss mark printed on the box. A box of six handmade chocolates is $12.

Down the street, on Davis near Tyler, is Coco André. This is the place for heart-shaped boxes, red ribbons and bows. Chocolatier Andrea Pedraza and her daughter, Cindy, opened the store in December. 

Coco André is selling handmade chocolate covered strawberries for Valentines Day at 12 for $24. Pedraza also makes about 15 varieties of truffles, including espresso, amaretto, lemon chiffon and ginger and rosemary.