I took a vegetarian friend from out of town to Spiral Diner for a late lunch this week. He’s coming back this weekend and already expects another date with Spiral — it was love at first bite.

The diner is the spotlight of our Delicious feature this month, and owner Sara Tomerlin told us that vegan customers are excited about quesadillas, which they just added to the menu. There’s a new vegan cheese that’s made from pea protien, and it’s more like real cheese than any other product.

I eat meat. I especially love bacon and anything flavored with bacon or butter. But the food at Spiral Diner is a treat for anyone.

The chipotle tofu quesadillas with grilled portobello mushrooms are served on whole wheat tortillas. Sounds healthy, but it tastes like Tex-Mex at its best. It’s vegan junk food, but it’s lower in calories and fat than your typical chicken quesadilla. Served with a generous helping of guacamole and fake sour cream (which I didn’t eat), they are messy but fantastic.

My friend ordered the chef salad with non bacon and faux cheddar, plus spaghetti and meatless balls. He couldn’t even talk; he just rolled his eyes and made yummy faces the whole time.