Oak Cliff, would you please stop being so creative and community-minded? We can’t keep your altruistic efforts straight.

Amy Wallace Cowan, one of our tireless community activists, sent an email this weekend to explain the difference between the Seventh Street Mural Project and Kevin Obregon’s CliffWalls mural project. They overlap, but they’re separate.

This Q&A from the March Advocate explains Obregon’s project, which has a for-profit aspect. He wants graffiti artists and muralists to be able to profit off of their work.

Here is what Cowan says about the Seventh Street Mural Project:

“The 7th Street Mural Project is a nonprofit effort by Steve Cruz, Jason Roberts, and me.  We are working with a total of 11 artists from Oak Cliff.  The project is strictly geared toward 7th Street, between Windomere and Zang.  We are raising money via Go Oak Cliff, which is a new (nonprofit) we’ve started just for this type of project.”

Thanks for clearing that up.