Some Aldi stores open, including one in Red Bird

I have a grocery bag full of snacks to share with the editorial department (because if we didn’t co-op our desk food, we surely would famish) from the new Aldi store in Red Bird.

Since we subsist mainly on beef jerky and convenience foods, I was happy to find Alid’s store brand, Fit & Active, which is a line of low-calorie snacks. My favorite so far is the 100-calorie ice cream bars, which are $2.99 for a box of six.

Aldi also has a pretty good produce section, lots of bread and baked goods and a good selection of dairy and frozen food.

And it’s cheap. See what all I bought after the jump.
Don’t judge me:

16-oz. cotto salami, $1.29
16-oz. honey ham lunchmeat, $1.79
3 meat snack sticks (like Slim Jim), 89 cents each
dried gnocchi, $1.69
center-cut bacon, 2.69
4 Fit & Active brand protein bars (like Balance bars), 95 cents each
Fit & Active pizza pockets (like Lean Pockets), $1.78
2 boxes Fit & Active 100-calorie ice cream treats (one orange, one chocolate), $2.99 each
Fit & Active 100-calorie pack cookies, $1.99
1 box rice-crispy bars, $1.79
Fit & Active 100-calorie pack cupcakes, $2.29
1 bag of Rio Star grapefruits, $1.99
Fit & Active strawberry yogurt-covered raisins, $1.49
dog treats, $1.49
Fit & Active calorie-free lemonade, 69 cents
3 avocados, 39 cents each
1 jar of pasta sauce, $1.59
1 dozen eggs, 89 cents

total: $36.47*

*If you add these up, the total is off by about 87 cents because of a cashier error that I didn’t notice until I wrote this.

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  1. Mary Y March 22, 2010 at 10:10 PM

    I haven’t been to an Aldi in almost 30 years (when we lived in Missouri), but it’s funny you mentioned the cashier error because it used to be that the cashier had to memorize all the prices for everything – yes, everything, folks. There were no barcodes. Aldi surely scans barcodes by now, but back then they had prices on nothing – just a price on the rack/shelf where the food was located. I remember when barcodes first came out, but before they were actually used – we all wondered what in world those strange black markings were on all the stuff we were buying. You can only imagine the rumors flying around.

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