Multiple gunshots pierced the quiet night.

Just after midnight, Suzanne Baker woke to the sounds of gunfire outside her home. She feared for her life.

“The sounds of dozens of shots woke me up immediately, and since they were so close and my bed is close to windows, I rolled out of bed, hit the floor, and grabbed my pistol,” she says. “I crawled to the window and peeked out, but didn’t see anyone or hear a car peel out. I wasn’t sure if anything had been hit, or if the shots had just been into the air.”

Baker says gunshots are not unusual in her neighborhood.

“We are used to gunshots around here, but very rarely do the shots appear to happen so close to our area of the street,” she says. “I called 911 and reported the shots, along with several of my neighbors as I found out later.”

The victims feared speaking about the incident, but Baker was concerned and agreed to describe the events. After hearing the shots, she found it difficult to sleep.

“The next afternoon, my neighbors reported to me what had happened, and I was invited to take a tour of the house that had been shot up. Over a dozen rounds hit the house, many entering through windows and doors,” she says. “Several penetrated several rooms of the house, including the closet of the room where three small children were sleeping. The family had called the police and took refuge in a closet until the police arrived.”

Two cars in front of the home were hit with bullets, but fortunately no one was injured. The incident has changed Baker’s feelings about her neighborhood. Her street has always been peaceful, but the shooting made neighbors feel unsafe.

“We have had several break-ins in the past several months, but nothing as blatantly violent as this,” she says. “There are a few of us on our end of the street that tend to watch out for each other, but this left us all feeling a bit helpless and insecure.”

Dallas Police Deputy Chief Rick Watson of the Southwest Patrol Division offers three reasons this type of incident usually occurs: a feud or a fight, a gang-related attack, or a drug deal gone wrong. He says police do not have any suspects in this case because witnesses could not give a description of the shooters.

“There’s usually more to it than someone just driving by and firing rounds into the house,” he says. “These things are difficult to pinpoint as to why it occurred.”

Anyone with information into this crime is asked to call the Dallas Police Department.