One of the most well-known events of the true-crime genre happened in West Dallas in 1976.

Dallas Police officer Robert Wood was shot during a traffic stop near what was then a Burger King at 3415 Hampton Road.

Image via the New York Times

Filmmaker Errol Morris released “The Thin Blue Line” in 1988. The film not only exonerated Randall Adams, who was convicted of capital murder in Wood’s death, it also ushered in a now-classic style of documentary filmmaking.

Criminal podcast interviews Morris in a Sept. 25 episode, and he spills all the tea on how he found the story and how he investigated it.

The Dallas part starts at about the 18-minute mark. But it’s a must-listen for true-crime junkies from the beginning because Morris starts with the story of a film he never made, “Nub City,” about a remote town in Florida whose residents were known for taking advantage of the dismemberment clause in hunting and life insurance policies. The tagline was going to be, “If they would do this to themselves, imagine what they would do to you.”