A couple of weeks ago, I wrote, breathlessly and in minute detail, about my trip to one of the first Aldi stores in Texas. Since then, I’ve learned that the German-owned discounter is in direct competition with Save-a-Lot food stores. Minneapolis-based Save-a-Lot (its parent company is Albertsons owner SuperValu) even hired celebrichef Tim Love to appear at one of its Garland stores the weekend that the first Aldi stores opened.

The Save-a-Lot store on Jefferson near Plymouth is less than a mile from my house. It opened a few months ago, but I went in for the first time Thursday.

It’s about the same size as an Aldi store, but it’s laid out more like an American grocery with produce near the entry. Aldi’s layout is like a cross between Ikea and Costco in a Walgreen’s-size building.

I picked up a package of Jenny-O turkey dogs for 99 cents and a box of 100-calorie ice cream fudge bars for $2.49, among other stuff. Save-a-Lot doesn’t seem to have as much store-brand stuff as Aldi, and the store’s design isn’t as slick as Aldi’s, but they do have a big selection of packaged meat and frozen food that’s inexpensive.

Unlike Aldi, Save-a-Lot offers free plastic bags for your groceries, although you have to bag them yourself.