My mom wanted to have lunch in Oak Cliff Monday. She doesn’t care for Mexican food, and since we can’t decide where to eat, ever, my sister said, “let’s just go to the Bishop Arts District.” She’s a decision-maker, that one.

Tillman’s is closed on Monday. Zen is closed for lunch. Aha! Hattie’s is open for lunch on Mondays. But it was 12:15 p.m., and there was a 20-minute wait. We didn’t have time for that. “OK,” I said, “let’s just go to Eno’s.” Closed. As is Espumoso, Cafe Madrid and Vera Cruz.

Hunky’s it is! Inside, there was a line about 15 deep. My sister said it would go fast, and she was right. We ordered, got our food and ate in about an hour.

And on the way out, we put 50 cents into the gumball machine to get stick-on mustaches. It was a lot of entertainment for 50 cents.