We haven’t tried Casa Blanca since it first opened. It was good the first time, especially since the restaurant at Bishop and Davis didn’t have a liquor license yet, so the margaritas were complimentary.

So now that it’s been open about a year,  I went back recently with two friends and their 6-month-old baby. The food was still pretty good. The meal starts with a complimentary soup — shell pasta in a tomato-and-chicken broth. My friend liked it, but I thought it was too salty.

But the chips and salsa are lovely. Brisket tacos were still one of the highlights — small corn tortillas filled with tender, slow-cooked meat. Enchiladas were tasty, as well as chicken flautas. My friend ordered Mexican shrimp cocktail, which she liked, but I noticed it was made with salad shrimp.

The atmosphere at Casa Blanca is fun. It’s a huge restaurant with cold air conditioning, and on a weekend, you’re likely to sit next to a table full of women dressed up for a nigth on the town or a family with kids. The service was pretty slow this night — we had to prod our waiter several times — and so was the kitchen. But Casa Blanca is a fun place for tasty Mexican food with friends.

By the way, Casa Blanca didn’t make our list of places to have lunch in Oak Cliff for $5 or less. But they do offer a $5 enchilada plate on Wednesdays.