As Rachel Stone mentioned in her Oak Cliff round-up last week, a grocery store has signed a letter of intent with Sylvan | Thirty, the development at Sylvan and Fort Worth Avenue.  The project’s developer, Brent Jackson, says that of the grocers that expressed interest in the project, he was looking for “grocers that can really cater to all walks of life and to a more diverse consumer base … Oak Cliff and West Dallas are very diverse areas, and as a project we embrace that diversity. … If you have a grocer that is narrowly focused in its consumer base, then they won’t succeed on our site, and quite frankly that market is fairly saturated over here.”

The grocer that has signed a letter of intent “fits the profile that I’ve just outlined,” Jackson continues, “organic, mindful and interested in a diverse consumer base, and an extremely creative grocer.” Creativity is a must; the Sylvan | Thirty site plan carves out only 8,000 square feet for the grocer — traditional grocery stores usually take up about 40,000 square feet —  so no square pegs will fit in Sylvan | Thirty’s round hole. Jackson isn’t naming names, and will be mum on the specifics until the deal is done, which he hopes will be by the end of the year. “It’s not a done deal by any stretch of the imagination,” he adds — but knowing that a letter of intent has been signed, let the speculation begin.