To paraphrase Sir Mix-A-Lot, red beans and rice didn’t miss me. That is, I like to eat. But I am not ready for La Monumental, Burguesa Burger’s 12-ingredient monster burger that includes avocado, refried beans, corn chips and ham.

So on my first visit to the new Burguesa Burger in a renovated cafe on Fort Worth Avenue, I kept it simple and ordered Combo No. 3: burguesa, fries and a drink ($5.50). For a dollar more, I could have ordered a milkshake — which they serve with a mini doughnut on the straw! Gosh, I respect the person who thought of that — but I refrained, somehow.

All the burgers are made to order — no sandbagging here — and come on a seeded bun. There is a heat lamp over a couple of metal bowls, where they dump the fries out of the fryer basket. But the shoestring fries I got were hot, fresh and crispy.

Burguesa Burger’s fountain drinks alone are worth a visit. The Dallas-based chain has its own line of sodas made with cane sugar. I tried the grapefruit flavor, which was terrific, but they also have cola, orange and lemon-lime, along with house-made limeade and iced tea.

Burguesa Burger also serves $1 breakfast tacos. I’ll keep training for La Monumental and keep you posted.