The new place at Illinois and Westmoreland, which is called Donuts Coffee, is adding a frozen yogurt shop. A friend alerted us to the advent of a new frozen yogurt place the other day, and she said she thinks it’s the first of its kind in Oak Cliff.

“Now I don’t have to go to East Dallas to get my fro-yo fix,” she says.

We popped into Donuts Coffee this week to have a taste. The place had lots of donuts, and presumably, coffee, along with several varieties of a frozen drink concoction. But the yogurt isn’t in yet.

The Donuts Coffee owners bought a Yogurberry franchise, and it will be ready in about 10 days. It looks like Yogurberry serves fro yo in plain, green tea, strawberry, raspberry and peach flavors, plus smoothies and lots of toppings.