Aldi sells 99 cent gallons of milk beginning Saturday

Remember the gas-price wars stations once had when the price was under a buck a gallon? Even if you don’t, you’ll probably like this: Aldi stores in Dallas will be lowering the price of its gallons of milk beginning Saturday to 99 cents apiece; the promotion is scheduled to run through Oct. 6. That’s down from $1.29 a gallon recently and $1.79 when Aldi came into the market. Wal-Mart has promised to match Aldi’s price, according to the DMN, but Kroger and the other big players haven’t decided what to do, according to the DMN story. If you’re an Aldi newbie, remember to bring your own bag (or pay a nickel a bag for theirs) and bring plenty of cash — Aldi doesn’t take checks or credit cards.

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