Hinojosa leaving DISD Thursday: Dallas Business Journal

Admittedly the report is vague, but the Dallas Business Journal reported on its blog Wednesday that DISD Supt. Michael Hinojosa will announce Thursday that he is leaving his post in Dallas. The DBJ sites three unnamed sources for the report, two of them said to have “close ties” to Hinojosa. Reportedly, Hinojosa may be a finalist to lead the Clark County School District in Las Vegas. We’ll let you know more as we find out.

And here’s a brief update from the DMN blog: Basically, it’s confirming that Hinojosa is likely a finalist for the Las Vegas job but the DISD board hasn’t been officially informed and, according to trustee Lew Blackburn, there’s no plan about whether Hinojosa would be offered more money to stay or simply find himself with lots of help packing up.


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