It’s a big deal for skateboarders. There are only a few skateboard shops in Dallas, and a new one is opening in the Bishop Arts District next month.

P.J. Thebeau of East Dallas and Clay Keys of Oak Cliff are opening the shop, which is called The Shop, on Davis at Bishop. It is the space that once housed a street-wear store, 10 Footwear, and most recently, Ouch Fashion, which moved to another space on Bishop.

Thebeau, a sales rep for and part owner of California-based Hype Skateboards, had Superior Skate Shop in Duncanville for almost six years.

Thebeau, 36, started skating when he was 10. He and Keys, 34, have been skating the streets of Dallas together for about 19 years.

As Wilonsky would say, (Disclosure: I was in high school with these two skater dudes).

I ran into a few young skaters at the Blues, Bandits and Barbecue event this weekend, and I asked one of them, “Did you know about the new skate shop in Oak Cliff?”

His eyes got wide. “There’s a skate shop in Oak Cliff?!” There’s going to be, I told him. Is that a big deal?

“Yes! Thank you!” he gushed, and ran off to inform his friends.