According to a study of lab analyses, you could be fooling yourself.

Mexican Coke supposedly is made with cane sugar insead of high-fructose corn syrup, and many people (myself included) think it tastes better than Coke bottled here in the U.S.

Lab tests of Coke bottled in Mexico found that it didn’t contain sucrose, but high levels of fructose and glucose. Dietitians concluded the Coke either is made with high-fructose corn syrup, or the if samples were old, the sucrose could have “inverted” and split into fructose and glucose.

But check out the headline from the Time magazine health blog. Hipsters? Mexican Coke is a hipster thing? Jeeze.

I first learned about Mexican Coke from Kara Stevens, a former TV reporter in Beaumont, who also was well-known as the daughter of Assistant U.S. Attorney John Stevens. Mexican Coca-Cola was hard to find in Beaumont. So Kara, whose father puts away drug kingpins and gangsters for a living, often would pop into convenience stores all over town and ask, “Hey, do y’all have any Mexican Coke?”