For a while, it seemed like a string of businesses in the B.A.D. closed one after another. But new ones soon were announced, and many of them either are open or getting close.

Monday, we stopped by The Shop in Oak Cliff, the skateboard shop on Davis at Bishop. The owners built a little half pipe at the store’s entry, the shelves are stocked, and they’re open for business, although their credit card machine hadn’t arrived yet, so if you want to buy something, bring cash.

A couple of skaters, including this guy, were scraping the side of the building Monday, preparing to paint the shop’s logo. Co-owner P.J. Thebeau says he expects to throw a grand opening party once The Shop logo T-shirts are in.

Oddfellows, the restaurant co-owned by nine Oak Cliff-based partners, is weeks away from opening. Carpenter extraordinaire Gary Buckner gave us a tour of interior renovations to the restaurant, which formerly housed Vitto’s.

Buckner created the bar and most of the tables in the upstairs pub at Eno’s using reclaimed pallet wood, and he’s doing the same to create booths and architectural details at Oddfellows.

The restaurant will have a service window, about 3-foot-by-7-foot, so you’ll be able to grab a stool on the sidewalk and belly up to the bar — pretty cool. Eno’s owner Matt Spillers is creating the restaurant’s menu, since Aliza Shier backed out of the project.

We noticed an Atmos Energy gas truck parked outside the future home of Lucia Monday. Construction workers were busy inside, and it looks like chef David Uygur’s first enterprise is getting pretty close.