Add busking to the fun times that Oak Cliff offers.  To refresh our memory, busking is the art of performing in public places for money.   If you do this, you can be called, among other things, a busker, minstrel or troubadour.    

Jingle Bells on Bishop is actually looking for buskers to enhance the festive, Christmas season experience in the Bishop Arts District from December 4-6.  Contact Amy Cowan ( if you want to participate and happen to be able to do: acrobatics, animal tricks (including a flea circus), balloon twisting, card tricks, caricatures, clowning, comedy, contortions (and escapes), dance, singing, fire eating or breathing, fortune-telling, palm reading, juggling, music, mime (or a variation known as a living statue), puppetry, story-telling, prose or poetry recitation (in this case, you’d be a bard, not a busker), street art, street theater or sword swallowing.  Busking dates back to Biblical times so you will be carrying on a noble and ancient tradition.  And, who knows, maybe Oak Cliff will become the Busker Capital of Texas