Next time you’re in Bishop Arts, swing by Dude, Sweet Chocolate and pick up a bag of their giant C-3P0 Russian Style Marshmallows.

Filled with goodies such as cocoa nibs, coconut and cashew bits, prepare yourself. You’ll plop one of these in your hot chocolate and think you’ve died and gone to heaven.

Have you ever seen a more over-sized and beautiful marshmallow?

They call these marshmallows “Zefirs” and apparently they are dessert marshmallows made with cane sugar, cane syrup and egg whites. Choose between their giant Cocoa Puffs and the C-3P0’s for a fluffy surprise in your hot chocolate or s’more sandwich. For just $8 a bag, you’ll want to give them to all your friends this holiday season – along with a canister of their drinking chocolate. Can there be anything more perfect than a warm cup of hot cocoa, mixed with whole milk, topped with a life-sized puff?