Company seeks grant for 1 million-square-foot development in Oak Cliff

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  • Michael,
    You’re reply to “Neighbor” was much nicer than what I was going to say and they way I was going to say it.
    Thank you.

  • I was under the impression we had some of the nicest parks in Dallas. And yes they are historic, dating back over 100 years. This story isn’t even about parks. I’m not sure why a diatribe about all this pesky history being in the way of your life is even appropriate, but I guess you didn’t get the memo on where you were moving.

    I don’t think comparison crime stats will bear you out on your overblown fears.

    But I can tell you an easy way to avoid the task of driving your precious upper middle income little darlings to all that safety, niceness and sameness up north where you can feel so comfortable… just stay there in the first place and stop moving here.

    We had the history, the parks and the folks that make you uncomfortable long before we had you. Oak Cliff was no secret… but neither are you and your “I’m entitled, I’m here… everybody change” attitude.

  • I’m not one of those neighbors…Why does everytime we have development coming, we have to shut it down with the “historic” excuse. We have plenty of areas to conserve and keep historic and that is the appeal of Oak Cliff…oh sorry, “North” Oak Cliff. It would be nice not to have to drive north for everything that has to do with my kids. Have you been to the parks around the area they are considering? Would you let your 10 year old walk over there by him/her self? Everybody wants to conserve, but all the upper middle income moms with little kids go up north “safer” and “nicer” parks with people they feel more comfortable around.

  • I agree with your concern about this proposal, but insulting those of us that live south of Davis or Jefferson, in beautiful neighborhoods like Elmwood and Wynwood, is probably not the best way to voice your concerns.

  • There are many important historic homes in this neighborhood, including Kidd Springs, Kessler Highlands, and Kessler Lake, I seriously doubt that some of these homeowners will aprreciate losing history to an Oak Lawn appearance of hodge podge poorly constructed apartments & condos, try south of Davis & Jefferson where homes are caving in and buildings are tarnished w/ graffiti and $1 junk shops, seriously, I am not for this intrusion, particularily on my street. I will not be supporting this!! look what has happened to Oak Lawn? the roads are congested w/traffic, potholes, mixed hodge podge of condos, some nice, some run down, this is not an attractive area as it once was.

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