Outgoing DISD chief financial officer Larry Throm would appear to be a difficult act to follow, what with the district’s financial improvements during the past few years. But it looks like DISD has done well in replacing Throm: The DMN reports that Lewisville deputy superintendent for finances Alan King is moving to DISD.

King has managed Lewisville’s finances for 13 years and has been a school finance officer for a total of 33 years, also working in Goose Creek and Harlingen. Lewisville’s rainy-day fund balance is now $120 million, growing from $17 million during King’s tenure. DISD’s fund balance also is about $100 million now after being built up significantly during the past two years. Lewisville’s budget is about $400 million, compared with DISD’s approximate $1.2 billion budget.

Given the state’s likely financial problems next year, it’s probably a certainty that DISD and other school districts throughout the state will be forced to make do with less state funding, meaning that we’ll probably be hearing King’s name in the media quite a bit in the upcoming months.