Oddfellows, new Bishop Arts restaurant, opens Tuesday, announces menu

We got our grubby little hands on a copy of the Oddfellows menu this week. The restaurant from nine Oak Cliff-based partners, including Eno’s owner Matt Spillers, is expected to open at 6 a.m. Tuesday in the former Vitto Italian space. They were waiting Thursday on the code inspector’s approval to open, but otherwise, they’re ready to go, Spillers says.

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The restaurant’s interior got a total makeover thanks to carpenter Gary Buckner and crew. And the interior decorating is by Oak Cliff-based stylist Malina Pearson.

The restaurant will be open Tuesday-Sunday for breakfast and lunch, and there’s a brunch menu on Saturday and Sunday. Diners can order from the breakfast or lunch menus all day, and a dinner service is expected to be added later.

Perhaps you’ve already heard about their $15,000 coffee machine, which is expected to make coffee snobs howl.

After the jump, some highlights from the menu.


Beignets with powdered sugar and lemon slice $4.80
French toast pudding $8.50
Migas with refried beans, jalapeños, tomato, onion and tortilla $8.60
Gingerbread, buttermilk or whole wheat pancake $3.80
Cheese grits $3.40


Frisée and bacon salad $7
Mint noodle salad $9.60
Bowl of chili $8.40
Fried green tomato sandwich $6.90
Spinach egg salad and bacon sandwich $6.40
Lobster mac and cheese $13.10


Biscuits and gravy $5.40
Granola and greek yogurt $8.40
Breakfast tacos $3.50

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  • Bill, thanks for the review! Let’s hope this is just growing pains? Reminds me of the show America’s Next Greatest Restaurant! Scary.

  • Yikes! There was a bug in my food. I really wanted to like OF. Did I mention there was a bug in my food?

    My first time at Oddfellows was lunch today. They’ve only been open a couple of weeks, so I expected things to need a little tweaking. That is an understatement. The experience started out so-so, but got progressively worse.

    The sense of confusion was apparent when we walked in the door. Within the seconds it took to get a table we overheard more than one server stop at a table and ask, “Has anyone taken your order yet?”

    No problem, these are normal growing pains. My wife and I decided to keep our order simple in hopes of avoiding confusion. First we were asked if we would like a cup of coffee or espresso. That sounded good, so we both opted for an espresso. The waitress got very excited and told us we were in for a big treat.

    A few minutes later she brought one espresso to our table and explained that they serve it immediately because it begins to separate after 12 seconds. A few minutes later the second cup was served. So much for enjoying a cup together. The Oddfellow timing made it not much of a treat. If I paid $15,000 for a coffee maker and it couldn’t make two cups simultaneously I would get my money back.

    For lunch we ordered Chips and Black Bean Salsa as an appetizer. I had the Egg Salad and Bacon sandwich with fries, my wife had the Egg Salad and Bacon sandwich with a side Caesar Salad.

    The timing was quite odd. My wife was served her salad and sandwich at the same time, which was a couple of minutes before I was served. My sandwich and fries came out next. Then two different servers asked if we had received our salsa and chips. We told them we had not. We were asked if we still wanted them. We replied “Sure, we want to try the salsa.” This would prove to be a big mistake.

    As the server placed the bowl of salsa on the table, we noticed a fly hobbling around on the food. It looked as if it may have been injured and not able to fly, or just enjoying the salsa. Either way, he wasn’t leaving the bowl. I told the server that we’d pass on the salsa and she took it away.

    The oddities continued when we were presented with our check. The check was placed inside a small mason jar – a pretty cool idea I thought. But then the server went into a spiel about how this was a very hip kind of diner and they do things differently and that she would be our cashier. I thought the way our coffee was served was quite pretentious, but to tell me how hip this place is took it to another level.

    Food Review

    Espresso – Tastes good, but the experience pretty much killed it.

    Black Bean Salsa – The fly seemed to enjoy it

    Egg Salad and Bacon Sandwich – This was good.

    Fries – There were no salt shakers on the table, probably because the fries had more salt than the Dead Sea.

    Maybe breakfast is better, but I don’t think I’ll be back soon.

  • That’s the trend in pricing now — $3.10 is the new $2.99. Some of the prices seem high, and some seem reasonable. It’s all about value, though. I’m happy to pay $8.40 for a bowl of chili if it’s that good, you know?

  • A little pricey for what they are serving, especially with Norma’s right down the street, but I am looking forward to it!

  • Total stoner menu! They should stay open till 3:00 a.m. I too wish them all the best and will give them my support. Hope they have French Market coffee for the beignets.

  • Really looking forward to Oddfellows, the space looks terrific, I’m certain the food will be unique, and I expect to pay for that. But how good can a bowl of chili be, for $8.40? Seriously? And laughing about the “.10” tacked onto the $13.10 mac & cheese.
    I was hoping for more of a “drop in any morning” approach to menu pricing. But still, sincerely wishing them success.

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