The new “enchiladería” from Monica Greene opens on West Davis near Zang today. We got a preview of the fast casual concept Monday night. The name Bee: Best Enchiladas Ever has caused a little controversy around the neighborhood. “What is it? World’s best enchildadas?” a friend said last night. “We’ll see.”

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But Bee spokeswoman Cynthia Smoot explained the name last night: “The reason they’re the best enchiladas ever is because you get to create them yourself”.

Aha! When you walk in, there is a station where you fill out a menu card. If you’ve ever been to Which Which, it’s like that.

Check the boxes to choose your meat, tortilla, cheese and sauce. Check out the menu to see the selections.

Hand the card to the cashier and pay. Then watch the cooks put your meal together.

At the end of the line, you can choose toppings for your enchiladas: onions, cilantro, tomatoes, lettuce, radishes, carrots, zucchini and corn.

We ordered one brisket enchilada with blue corn tortilla, queso fresco and chipotle cream sauce. And we ordered a shredded pork enchilada with corn tortilla, queso fresco and mole.

They are huge and filled with lots of meat. At $4.99 for one or $7.99 for two, it is a lot of food. And you definitely could make a healthier choice: chicken enchilada with ranchera sauce and no cheese, for example. But the mole is excellent, especially considering this is fast food. Next time, I’m having a chicken enchilada with mole.

We ordered a couple of extras too.

I’ll skip the rice ($1.59) next time. But the chips with a smoky salsa ($1.99) were worth it. This is Monica Greene’s first Oak Cliff restaurant, and she hopes the concept will spin off into franchises like Freebird’s. We met her for the first time last night, and we wish her all the best.