Dallas is considering a new ordinance for food trailers, but will other businesses soon operate from trailers? That’s the hope of Cienda Partners, which wants  to house everything from tattoo shops to professional services on West Commerce and Pittman.

Maybe you’ve heard of (or even patronized) vehicles that travel to homes to groom pets or perform car repairs? Well, in Georgia, the state is working to trucks that would house haircuts for humans. According to the Atlanta Journal Constitution, House Bill 70 would create a license for mobile barbershops. After being approached by a barber who bought an RV only to find he couldn’t cut hair in it, State Rep. Al Williams proposed the bill.

“If old Fido can get a trim in front of the house, the owner ought to be able to do the same,” Williams says in the article, then boasts that “this could be the best legislation of the year.”