If the rolling blackout ERCOT, the manager of our energy grid, is talking about hits your neighborhood, please let us know. When it’s this cold outside, it won’t take long to start wishing you had a bigger family to huddle with, and it will be good to know where the power is out and when, so the rest of us will know what to expect.

And if you do happen to get caught up in one of the blackouts, which are supposed to last from 15-45 minutes, the TV stations are reporting that the number to call is 888-313-4747. ERCOT is advising customers to limit electricity use as much as possible to reduce demand on the system.

Two things to add here: The TV stations are reporting that outages are lasting well more than an hour at plenty of locations, and calling the number listed above apparently puts you in touch with a nominally attentive voice message — don’t expect to talk with a human.

And thank goodness that the Super Bowl will not be impacted, although here’s hoping that Jerry Jones has at least unplugged his electric toothbrush over there so the rest of us will have a little electricity left.