Restaurant talk: Metro Diner

The Metro Diner near Baylor hospital will close in March to make way for a new development. And that will leave the former Pitt Grill at Hampton and Davis as the only Metro Diner around.

It’s a greasy spoon. The food is perfect for a 3 a.m. breakfast or an occasional hamburger lunch. And we like to play Otis Redding, Willie Nelson and Selena on the CD jukebox.

This is February, and I’m counting calories. So even though my friends make fun of me, I always order the sliced tomatoes ($1.75) in an attempt to fill up on something low-cal. Sometimes, I have a side of bacon with that. But if I’m really hungry, I go for the big waffle with pecans. I figure that, without the pancake syrup, to be about 350 calories.

A hamburger with fries costs under $5. And hot chocolate with a big pouf of whipped cream is $1.75. We don’t want to know how many calories that has.

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