DMN City Hall reporter Rudolph Bush reports today that Walmart is planning three new stores in Dallas, including one on Fort Worth Avenue at Hampton.

It’s going to be one of the Neighborhood Market stores — groceries and pharmacy only. Walmart is the world’s largest grocer, and it’s the first grocer to move into Oak Cliff since alcohol sales became legal here in November.

Walmart is one of those polarizing companies. When I lived in San Antonio, the residents of Helotes fought tooth and nail to keep Walmart out of their town. I doubt anything like that will happen in Oak Cliff, where good grocers are few and far between.

The question is, where will Walmart go at Fort Worth and Hampton? There already are two groceries at that intersection — Minyard and Elrod’s Cost Plus. There also are two gas stations — Exxon and Shell. My guess is Walmart will go into the old Luby’s.