Two or three men have been robbing businesses and individuals at gunpoint in the DPD Southwest Patrol Division, which includes Oak Cliff.

Here’s what police say about it:

The Southwest Division is experiencing an increase in Robberies. They involve between 2 to 3 suspects. They are robbing individuals as well as businesses at gunpoint. The Suspects are committing many of these robberies in areas such as retail parking lots and also apartment parking lots. It is important that you are aware of your surroundings, and please report any suspicious individuals by calling 911.

That’s pretty vague. The Southwest Division includes Red Bird and Mountain Creek as well as Oak Cliff. So I set out to see what robberies have occurred in our neighborhood this month.

There were quite a few, and they sound terrifying. In many cases, the robber put a gun to the victim’s head and demanded their property.

Three people were carjacked at gunpoint in Oak Cliff this month: one at Tenth and Llewellyn, one near the Tyler Vernon Station, and one at a gas station on West Jefferson.

And there have been a dozen or more stick-ups of individuals in the neighborhood. In one case, the robber put a gun to a woman’s face in a grocery store parking lot and when she resisted, pulled the trigger, but it didn’t fire.

Two doughnut shops were robbed at gunpoint, one on Zang and one on Hampton. An insurance agency on Zang was robbed at gunpoint during lunchtime on a Wednesday. A piñata store on Jefferson lost over $2,000 in a gunpoint robbery. And three robbers brandishing guns stole $8,000 in jewelry from a pawn shop on West Davis.