Advocate Web Editor Christy Robinson was so intrigued by this mysterious blog post last week that she went and checked out the hubbub at the Texas Theatre this past Saturday.

Here is her report:

I took your advice on the Texas Theatre basement movie. We didn’t stay long, but it was so much fun having to go through a creepy door in the men’s bathroom and sit on dirty cinder stairs (we got there late) to watch “Fight Club” on, essentially, a big sheet rigged to the wall. On our way back up, I totally walked in on some guy using the urinal. So embarrassing. We saw a Mexican thriller right before that, and the Sailor Jerry cocktail I had that I can’t remember the name of was good. I sat on one of the steps until some helpful guy ran up and got me a chair, and my husband sat on the floor. We both were covered in dirt and cinder and whatever else coats the basement down there, haha. It was a fun night.