Design work on a plaza and park near Davis and Zang is expected to begin in May.

This is the Zang extension in front of Bee Enchiladería (Google Maps thinks it's Elsbeth).

The city will close the Zang extension, a cut-through right turn that passes in front of Bee Enchiladería and IndieGenius, from Davis. The plaza will have benches and planters, and the existing median at Seventh and Zang will provide some green space.

This median at Seventh and Zang will be incorporated into the plaza/park design.

The project also includes extending lighting down Seventh from the Bishop Arts District to Zang with the intent of tying the neighborhood together visually. Plaza construction and lighting are being funded by 2006 bond money, and City Councilman Delia Jasso says she expects it to be completed in April 2012, although it could be finished a month or two early.