Tacos Chanos looks pretty nice from the outside. It’s a simple white building with topiary landscaping. Pretty stylish. Then, of course, there’s the neon sign: “carne en su jugo”. That’s “meat in its juice”, right?

I like meat. So that sounds kind of good to me. But I didn’t know going in that “carne en su jugo” is a typical soup dish from Jalisco. So instead, I ordered tacos, one barbacoa, one pastor, one chicken.

They were fine, served with oily corn tortillas. But that isn’t the right order at Tacos Chanos.

If you go, order the burrito, as my dinner companion, a Chanos veteran, did.

This burrito is about a foot long, stuffed with meat, beans, cheese, lettuce, tomato and sour cream. It’s a monster, and at $5.95, it’s enough for two people.

The salsa at Chanos isn’t my favorite, a watery red and an aguacate that tasted a little old. But the people who run the place are friendly and fast. Plus it’s cheap and clean. So add this one to your taquería roster if you haven’t already.