Any time people say they don’t eat at Spiral Diner — “I’m not vegan” being the usual excuse, there’s always a comeback: “Yeah, but have you had their pancakes?”

Spiral’s all-you-can-eat pancakes are legendary, and as we found Sunday, it’s for a good reason. Every Sunday from 11 a.m.-5 p.m., the vegan restaurant at Beckley and El Dorado offers two kinds of pancakes. This week it was original and strawberry banana.

The original pancakes have a spiced flavor, nutmeg maybe? They are hearty and delicious though. And the strawberry/banana pancakes were ridiculous. Plus, they don’t have eggs, so I have to assume they’re a little more healthful and contain more fruit than a typical pancake.

We ordered coffee too — organic Ethiopian. Normally, I would like milk in my coffee, but milk is not vegan, and the coffee tasted really good without it anyway. The brunch menu also includes biscuits and gravy, tofu scramble, hash browns and more.

The all-you-can-eat pancakes are $5.95 and served buffet style. How many pancakes can you eat, really? I can eat about four. Sure, you could buy a box of Bisquick and whip up as many pancakes as you could eat for cheaper, but they will not be this good.